I’m woefully behind on here, aren’t I? Suffice it to say my last week has been taken up with looking after sick girls. I myself came down with it on Friday. Button finally got it this evening (fever, nasty cough, runny nose) so we’re looking at another week or so of quarantine.

Looking on the bright side, we’ve had some fun here at home. Squeaky beat me at Candyland three times in a row on Sunday. She also beat me at Guess Who. She’s pretty competitive- I wonder who that came from….?
We took the opportunity to go outside yesterday and today- the weather was very mild and the girls loved playing in the snow.

Here Button is playing with a little friend who lives nearby.

The best part about getting cold and snowy outside is coming in! The girls drank hot chocolate from mugs. They were pretty excited.

I’ve included a few extra pictures of Winnie because it occurred to me while looking through our pictures that her face is changing a lot. I hadn’t noticed until now. She is really starting to lose her baby look.

And finally, here is me on the first day of adding things back into my diet. Rice never tasted so good. So far I’ve only added rice and milk (and white cheese) back. The milk and cheese are suspect as I have a killer headache tonight and some uncomfortable feelings in my tummy.


It’s Coming….!

Having so much snow makes it seem Christmasey here. So we started decorating our house. The girls were so excited. I think they were especially excited to see the stockings, which to them means candy. We got out our Jesse Tree early this year to compensate for our early departure for Christmas vacation in December. These pictures are of the girls helping set it up last week. We started tonight with the story of God creating the world.

This was Winnie’s first time helping decorate the tree.

Then we put up a garland on our staircase. These two did a great job and only fought a little… 🙂Winnie wasn’t too thrilled with standing on the step. I think she was scared.

Here she is sorting through the decorations and overseeing the decorating of the garland.

Here is Squeaky and the Jesse Tree in December 2006:

December 2007:

Ok, this makes me sort-of sad and melancholy, here she is now in 2008, where’d my little chubby cheeked baby go? How does that even happen?

Parade, Party, and Saturday Fun!

This was a fun day. We went to a Christmas parade in our little town. We bundled up the kids and stuck them in our wagon. I asked Squeaky what her favorite part of the parade was. She said it was the people who gave her candy (there were a lot!) and her second favorite thing was the trucks. My favorite thing was the Tim Horton’s truck. They had large containers of hot chocolate in the back of the semi truck and were handing out free hot chocolates and cookies to everyone watching the parade. 🙂
Button got a little cold and bored waiting for the parade to start, so she was being “Baby Moses” in the wagon.
Little Winnie fell asleep- precious little girl.
Our church had a float in the parade. Squeaky was invited to be on it but we decided that would be too much for her.
Some friends of ours stumbled upon us, so we watched together.

Button’s little friend invited her to his birthday party today! He is turning 2 this week. She kept singing Happy Birthday all day long. Here’s the birthday boy:
They ate yummy chocolate cake, juice and other snacks. It was so cute to see all these little kidlets together. The party was held in their childcare room; the room where Squeaky and Button go while we are in classes during the week. It is such a great place for kids. It has tons of toys, books, games, puzzles, crafts and even a little kitchenette to serve the goodies from. I don’t think I’ve posted any pictures of the childcare room yet.
One of the most fun things for the kids was the opportunity to play in the sandbox. Usually we keep them out of the sandbox because of the amount of kids in childcare and the mess it makes. So it was extra special for them to be able to do that.

This evening we started decorating for Christmas a little bit. The girls had fun sticking the snowflakes on the window. Button is saying, “cheese” in her picture.

…And since we’ve no place to go….

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! It has been snowing for nearly three days, I think. It probably stopped for briefs intervals, but whenever I’ve looked out it has been billowing by the window.

Last night:

The guys all go out and shovel. No sooner do they get all the shoveling done and we’re hit with another huge amount of snow and out they go again.

Here’s Winnie trying Cheerios. She is holding them tightly in her tiny little fist.