Presenting… the last 7 months in a nutshell.

Since my last post…

This new little guy (let’s call him the Bear) was born on October 31, 2013…

…and has grown into a chubby, smiley 4 month old boy!

We enjoyed this crowded, city view for 4 months…

…and have now exchanged it for a more rustic one.

In January we finally moved in to our little house in the village, tucked away in a remote corner of the world.

We’re excited to look back and see how God has led us to this point, and look ahead confidently as we know He goes before us too!  We hope to share some of our adventures in our new home and community with you soon.


So, the last time we sent out a ministry related email update (if you don’t get it and want to, email us at we tried to outline what the next few months or so were going to look like as we prepared to move into the Ga’dang village.  
Originally we had thought we’d be in Manila for only a month and then would make our way to the village via helicopter.  Dennis would be taking several trips in June to prepare our little borrowed two bedroom house and arrange to get some of our belongings to be brought in while the road to the village is still passable (aka, not muddy).
We’ve been learning the importance of holding our plans with open hands.  Proverbs 16:9 reminds us, “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”  About two weeks after we arrived in Manila we were told that our mission pilot found a major engine repair that needs to be done on the helicopter that we were planning to use to fly in and out of the village.  The helicopter will be down for approximately 2-3 months for these repairs. 
The only way to get into the village right now is to fly 1 hour from Manila to a city up north.  From there it is another hour to a small town and yet another hour down a very windy, mountainous, partially paved road to “The Waiting Shed,” a little shelter built in the corner of a cornfield that marks the trailhead going into the village where we are going.  From there it is a 10 km hike up and down several large hills to reach the village.  The trail is often washed out and muddy- impassable by vehicles for most of the year.
What does this mean for us?  Dennis has still been able to go in and out of the village twice this past month using this method.  He and our co-worker, Chuck, were also able to get quite a few supplies and some of our larger household goods most of the way in on a truck before the rains came.  They were able to get started on some of the house repairs and other projects that needed to happen before our families move back in, and plan to make more trips in the future.
Although we hiked in to the village as a family back in 2010, we’ve decided that we will not be doing so again in the next few months.  We are expecting a baby to join our family in October and will be waiting mainly in Manila for his or her arrival.  (Can you imagine the shock waves in our home if this baby is a boy!?)

Dennis and his princesses.  Will there be a prince in the future?

All of this has thrown us back on trusting the Lord’s timing and direction.  It is interesting to note that the helicopter situation was not known until after we got here, further verifying to us that for some reason the Lord is giving us several months to slow down and wait.  Please be praying with us that this time would be useful and that the Lord would use it to grow us up in Him as we prepare for what He has in store for us.

Get used to disappointment…

I had two things I wanted to do this week while Dennis is up north checking out our home in the village.  Dentist visits for the girls, and a doctor’s appointment for me.

Dennis and I have this joke.  He says that if I lower my expectations until they are already met then I won’t ever be disappointed.  Sounds like a phlegmatic thing to say, doesn’t it?  It works, but it is also boring.

However, I’m considering taking Dennis’ advice again.

Twice now I’ve tried to get my kids in to the dentist and have failed.  I started by going to the office to figure out the procedure for getting in.  I was told the dentist’s hours start at 10:30 am every day, but they only take walk-ins.  Ok.  Sure.

So, two days ago, at 10 am we showed up. “Sorry, the dentist won’t be here until 1 pm, ma’am.  But normally the dentist arrives at 10:30 every day.”  Having kids that were tired and hungry, I decided to just go home.

This morning I was smart and called ahead at 10 am, just to be sure.  “Yes ma’am.  We don’t make appointments, but the dentist might come at 11:30.  You must come to the office at 11 because it is first come, first serve.  Today, ma’am, maybe the dentist will get here by 1 pm.  But if you come at 11 then you will be first on the list.”

Two hours early just so I hopefully will be first in the queue?  There’s got to be a better way.

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment, just for me.  I had called ahead on Monday and scheduled it.  “Yes, we have you down for 2:30 on Wed.”

I get my kids watched so that I can go.  In a taxi at 1:30, fighting heavy traffic the whole way there, I arrive at 2:15 at the doctor’s office.  “Oh!  Valerie Easton!  I’m so sorry, but the doctor is at a convention today.”  At least I could enjoy the air conditioning in the taxis there and back again.

So, if I followed Dennis’ advice I guess I would just never make an appointment, or maybe just expect that it won’t happen the way I want it to?

Things I like about the Philippines, #12

Wow, so it has been awhile- but I’m not without a really great excuse!  🙂  My mom came over from the U.S. and visited us for a month.  We had so much fun showing her around the Philippines.  It was delightful to watch her take it all in.  She was such a good sport and let us drag her all over the place.  We went to malls, parks, historical places, restaurants and the beach.  She got to ride in a jeepney a few times and loved it.
Here are some pictures of the fun things we did here in the Philippines and of her enjoying a few of my favorite things that I’ve already blogged about.

 Checking out the rice delicacies:

Enjoying biko- my favorite!

Trying out halo-halo:

Visiting beautiful and historic Intramuros:

The beach!

Checking out Greenhills market:

And saying goodbye (not my favorite thing!) with a big hug after a wonderful, fun-filled month: