April Fool’s Day at our House

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day.

This was the first year our kids really got into it.  I wondered to myself if it isn’t basically just a “I can lie and get away with it” day, but when I asked the kids if they were lying they assured me “No, no, it’s just a joke.”  That’s one thing I’m still trying to wrap my head around since I’ve been a mother- what is the difference between a lie and joke sometimes?  Hmm.

Anyway, I digress…

Squeaky came rushing up to me in my bedroom yesterday morning and emphatically declared, “Mommy!  Daddy’s outside going around the block on a motorcycle!”  In unison Button excitedly yelped, “Mommy!  Daddy’s outside going around the block on a horse!”

Now, I had forgotten what day it was, so they actually had me going for a second.  Dennis wasn’t in the room so it was possible that he had gone outside, jumped on a motorcycle (our neighbor/friend owns one) and was going around the block, but I thought it highly unlikely that he was on a horse.  “Horse?!” I asked.

Button quickly corrected herself, “Oh, I mean, motorcycle.”

After a few more seconds of me trying to figure out what they were talking about they giggled and chirped, “April Fool’s, Mommy!!!”

And that was the beginning.

They told Winnie that there was an elephant on our porch and she believed them- running to look out our front door.

Winnie told me that she wanted a certain type of cereal for breakfast and just as I reached for the box she crowed, “April Fool’s, Mommy, I don’t want that kind!” and dissolved into fits of laughter.

When I told Winnie she could eat candy all day she looked at me with a skeptical eye and said disdainfully, “April Fool.”

I tried to tell her there was a turtle on the front porch but she was much too smart to fall for that a second time.

And so the day went on at our house- many attempts at fooling and not a whole lot of success.  The girls sure had fun though.  I had to remind them that Filipinos don’t know about April Fool’s Day so please don’t try to play any tricks on your friends at Sunday School.

On the way home from church in the taxi I overheard Button say, “No, you can’t say that in here!  That is an April Fool’s joke and there is a Filipino in here!”


This is a Random Blog

I’ve been so bad! I’ve been enjoying my summer and neglecting my little bloggy world. That’s ok. I noticed by the list on the side of my page here that most of my fellow bloggy friends are going through a bit of a hiatus too. Check out my husband’s blog! I think he is on permanent hiatus.

Well, I have good news and bad news.

The good news: I’m in Nebraska right now enjoying the wonderful heat (coming down from Canada I really mean that) and DSL, which is much faster than dial-up.

The bad news: We left the power cord for our laptop in Canada and it is being shipped to us as I write. No power cord= no uploading pictures. No pictures = no inspiration to blog.

Without pictures my inspiring words have to stand on their own merit- and let’s face it… often my words aren’t exactly inspiring. 😀

But really, the point of this entry is to assure you that we are indeed still alive, enjoying a very warm time in Nebraska (101 warm enough for you?), and are saving up all the great pictures and memories that make up great blogging material. 😀

Have a happy day, everyone!

Picnic for a Saturday

We had “the best picnic ever” tonight, according to Squeaky. It was a bit on the windy and chilly side this evening, so we packed our picnic basket and laid our picnic blanket on the dining room floor. Ham and cheese sandwiches and apples were on the menu, with cookies for dessert. After supper we went to the “park”.
The park was in our living room; complete with a slide, a swing, a tetter-totter, a merry-go-round and a drive home in the van. I think the girls had fun and so did we!


Learning about Languages (and a video)

Today is our final class of Structures of Communication. For nearly the last week we’ve been working on what our teachers fondly called “the works”. Basically, we’re taking a language and breaking it down to its ittiest little parts and figuring out where everything fits in. It was pretty detailed and time consuming, and Dennis and I were both up really late last night trying to figure things out.

It was a nice reminder of the complexity of God. It also reminded me of the orderliness of God, Who has designed each language around a basic set of rules. All languages follow rules, so if you figure those rules out you can figure out the language.
I can remember asking my Dad about languages when I was young and just starting to realize how many there are out there. I couldn’t believe that not all languages would have 26 letters in their alphabet. I remember being very overwhelmed when he told me that some languages have a lot more letters and some had less. It all seemed so arbitrary and unpredictable at the time. I’ve since learned that while it is true that languages are all formed different, they are definitely not arbitrary (except for English, maybe…:) ).
You can tell we’ve been thinking about languages a lot, at the very beginning of this video you can hear Dennis saying, “Imagine a language where you had to have a finger in your mouth…” after Button spent awhile trying to articulate around her finger.


We’ve had some mild days and Button took advantage of the melty, packy snow by making a snowman.

These two crack me up. They are listening to our ipod together, connected by a dual headphone jack… They were dancing all over the place until I worried that the ipod would suffer some damage and put a stop to all their fun. 😦


Here are my little girls, eating popcorn and watching a movie in December. I find it fascinating that the smallest child has the biggest bowl. I also really like the look on her face as if she just bit down on a kernel. Notice that two of them have their ankles crossed. Very proper. I’m not sure what movie they were watching, but I can almost guarantee that it was not what you’d consider to be a movie. One of our girls is very sensitive and cannot watch anything remotely suspenseful or “scary”, with very few exceptions. That’s ok with me.

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You know you wanted to see this…

So, that last picture got a lot of remarks. A few people seemed interested in the other pictures that were taken in the same session. There were two such sessions in which Dennis took many great photos of himself. He allowed me to post them only if I put up the ones of myself as well. So here they are. Enjoy.

And just in case you are worried that our faces got stuck that way, here is a picture of us taken at the wedding we went to last weekend.
To provide a distraction from the silliness above, I’ve included a picture of Button playing a game. The object of this game is to guess which card your opponent has through the process of elimination. On her last day of being two, Button still doesn’t have the capabilities to play the game properly. None the less, she is a worthy opponent. She and Dennis played this evening. Her first question?
“Daddy, does yours have glasses?”
“No,” replied Daddy.
“Oh. Mine does!”