Melancholy thoughts about blogs

Why don’t I blog anymore?  Has the day for blogs come and gone, or am I just too lazy?

Recently Dennis has been working on a blog book for me.  He is compiling all my entries for my first three years of blogging into a book.  It is fascinating.  I was a pretty dedicated blogger at that point so it really tells the tale of those three years.  When things started getting more “exciting” in my life I found that I no longer had the time or energy to keep up the blog.

So, why am I blogging right now?  Well, because my work load has significantly decreased.  After I experienced a small stroke at the end of February the people in charge of our language school here did a quick assessment of my level of Tagalog and determined that I had already reached my necessary proficiency level.  This allowed me to discontinue going to classes and reduced my overall stress level significantly.

Hence, the time to blog.  Will this increase the chances of me blogging again quite soon?  We shall have to wait and see.


The Scoop

Wow, so sometimes something has to move aside for other things and this time it was the blog.  But things are going pretty well here.  Dennis and I are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in language learning.  It is pretty great to know that all this work is paying off.  We are able to communicate now in Tagalog although still at a very low level.  Maybe like a 4-5 year old?  I don’t know.  Anyway, it is still exciting and we are just so thankful for God’s goodness to us in helping us get this far.

Today we had a little goodbye party for a few of the other students who are moving on to their next areas of work soon.  One couple will be supply buying and maintaining the guest house in a smaller city up north for other missionaries in remote locations for the next few months, and the other couple are involved in the aviation program.

Another exciting thing was when I realized as I looked around the room that Dennis and I and one other classmate are hopefully the next people who will be finishing up!  Maybe the next party will be ours!?!  Woo hoo!

Dennis is going on a trip up north next week with a few other guys to check out a possible area for us to work in after we learn Tagalog.  I’ll try to post about that soon.

Things are Winding Down

Tomorrow is our graduation rehearsal. We will meet with our class for breakfast at a nearby restaurant, then we’ll head over to the church where we will be graduating on Saturday. It is hard to believe that two years have passed and that we are now on the other side of things.
Most of our classmates are furiously packing and cleaning. We aren’t moving for another two weeks so you can guess what we’ll be doing for the next little while! The house is already in a state of disarray and the kids are acting a little crazy. I’m sure it is hard on them to go through the change.
Anyway, just thought I’d let you know what is up with us this weekend.

Hello, Spring Break (or, Spring, where are you?)

We are happy to be having our spring break this week. Tomorrow we are heading up to Dennis’ parent’s place to visit them and hopefully see some other friends and relatives. It is a nice time to have a break. Right now the course we’re in is a big one in which we get to practice nearly everything we’ve learned for the past two years! It is fun and challenging.

Yesterday we had some milder weather so we took the kids down to the playground outside the academy here on camp. They had lots of fun but I wished I had put them in their snow pants by the end of it. Two of them were playing around with the rocks and mud. The two older girls are equals on the tetter-totter now.

I had to include these- Dennis decided to wear these big rubber boots, and they just looked so nerdy I followed him around and took pictures of him trying to do stuff with them on.

Injecting some fun into our day

Our Health and Wellness class this week has been extremely interesting and has armed us with some information- just enough to make me scared of every disease that I will encounter and probably all the ones I won’t. That’s why it is so nice to know that God is sovereign.
But the experience was great fun! One afternoon we had an hour with our instructor, who showed us how to take blood pressure, look in each others’ ears with an otoscope, and give injections. That was the most exciting thing for me as I got to plunge a needle deep into my husband’s arm. He got me back, don’t worry. The solution in the needle was harmless- .5 cc’s saline.
And then we had a little fun with it…

The other thing that is happening in my world this month is I’m doing an elimination diet. The purpose of this diet is to eat a very basic diet (no wheat, dairy, legumes, grains, sugar, preservatives, artificial flavorings, etc.) for a few weeks. After a period of time, I will reintroduce foods on a schedule of one new food every 3-4 days. I’ll be looking for any symptoms of an allergy or sensitivity to these foods. The reason I started this is because I’ve been dealing with chronic dizziness for 18 months. I’m hoping to find some answers or at the very least, kick my caffeine habit! 🙂

This was a rather delicious smoothie I made and one of the best things I’ve had in the last three days. Any recipes that you have that use mainly vegetables would be welcome!

The Last Hurrah of Summer

I don’t really know if hurrah is an official word.

Today our second year of classes began. Looks like it will be interesting! The girls enjoyed their morning in child care and came home all excited about their preschool time there. They learned about creation, worked on memorizing a verse and did some coloring. Button is especially tickled that she is now considered a “big” girl.

One day last week the girls took a spin on our local tire swing. Button is terrified of swinging normally. Winnie joined in for a few turns and seemed to enjoy herself as well.

Why the blogs are slow in coming

Hey everyone. Things are gearing up toward our Jungle Camp experience. The rooms of our house are piled high with things that need to be packed up. Our two weeks of building starts Monday and will likely entail 12 hour workdays for Dennis and as much time as I can spare out there with three kids in tow. During that building time Dennis will also be going with the other men on a three day hike, leaving us ladies to keep on working as much as we can.
Here’s an overview for those of you who may be confused:
1. Jungle Camp building starts Monday. We will have two weeks to build our homes, using wooden poles, duct tape, large sheets of plastic for walls and roof, and binder twine to hold everything together. We are allowed to live here at home during the building time.

2. We will live in the home we build for four weeks. That means we have to bring everything we will need with us as we are not allowed to leave. This is to give us an idea of what it would be like to live in a remote place and also know what it would be like to plan everything we will need a month in advance.

3. Our house is all planned out and will be 22′ by 17′. This will include a kitchen, dining area, small play area for the kids, and two bedrooms. The girls will all sleep along one wall of their tiny bedroom. Squeaky and Button in bunk-bed type shelves with rails, and Winnie in a playpen next to them. We plan to divide them with a sheet of plastic so they can’t stay awake all night making faces at each other.
What we have to do before Monday (when building starts):

-finish grocery shopping (enormous list)
-sort through and measure our poles on our lot to figure out what will go where
-stake our claim
-find large pieces of cardboard for underneath our mattresses and for our shelving by rummaging through dumpsters in the nearby towns
-clean house for guests that are staying here tomorrow night (the 2nd year graduation ceremony is on Saturday and lots of people are coming and going around here)
-attend graduation ceremony and help with reception and clean-up
-go to Wal-Mart and buy excessive amounts of totes for packing
-pack children up to go to Coco and Brina’s (Thanks guys!!!!!!! A million thanks!)
-go on date while kids are away
-keep packing
So, now I have to run and get my laundry. 🙂