B is for Bee and Button

I don’t know if I’m breaking any sort of rule by picking two words for letter B, but on this day I just have to.  B is for Bee and Button.

For the past two years Dennis’ sister, Bee, has been living here in the Philippines with us, homeschooling our children while we studied Tagalog.  She has become a huge part of our lives.  We just got back from taking her to the airport for her flight back to Canada.  Our house is going to feel awfully empty without Bee and Button is the one who is taking it the hardest.
It is interesting to watch our girls’ reactions to her departure.  Squeaky confessed, “I’m sad, but I just don’t feel like crying!  I don’t know why, but I don’t.  I’m sorry!”  Winnie has been mourning for about three weeks now and stood numb while her Aunt Bee gave her her last hugs and kisses.  Button shed a lot of tears.
After we got back home they all went into Aunt Bee’s old room.  Winnie hopped up on her bed and crowed, “Look!!!  I’m in Aunt Bee’s room!!!” with a huge smile on her face.  Squeaky opened all her cupboards to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything.  Button burst into tears at the sight of the empty room.  She immediately noticed that Aunt Bee had left behind a few stickers that were on the bed post.  “Mommy,” her voice quavered, “this makes me really, really sad.  Someone gave those to Aunt Bee and she left them here!”

Drawing with Winnie and Button

Me: What are you drawing, Winnie, a T.V.?
Winnie: No.  They aren’t the same, Mommy.
She draws two examples on the whiteboard.  One has a big screen that fills the whole box.
Winnie: Here’s the T.V.
The second drawing has a tiny little box screen atop two dials.
Winnie: THAT’s a television, Mommy.

Then Button explains how it is done.
Button: See, Mommy, first you draw a foreshortened square, like this.
I looked at her with a funny look on my face.
Me: A what??
Button: A foreshortened square!
She rhymes it off like everyone and their dog should know such a common word.

Sadly, Winnie swiped the board with that eraser you see in her hand just as I was going to take the picture.  But you can still see Button’s version of the “television” along with a table Winnie drew with a plate on it.  If you look closely you will see a banana on the plate.

The book the girls are using for their drawing lessons is in the picture, given to us as a resource by a friend here.

That’s not garbage

I have a thing about pieces of loose paper floating around the house. My kids love paper. Their favorite activity is to cut little pieces of paper into even smaller pieces of paper which are then labelled “tickets.” If a piece of paper has passed through their hands at any point in time it is deemed precious and if I try to throw it away the whole house breaks into pandemonium.

I often find myself on paper rampages. My kids know the rule- “If you don’t want it enough to put it away properly it goes in the garbage.” So, yesterday I was on a throwing spree when I grabbed this piece of paper off the floor, crumpled it, and hurled it into the garbage. Then in my mind’s eye I recalled seeing little words on that paper… some niggling feeling made me go retrieve it.
tO Quinn
I love you you
Are Little
I think you love
your trtLE FROM

Scholastic Pursuits by a 3 year old (and other random things)

It was a big day for Button one day last week when she drew an “A” for the first time. We are so pleased that she stuck with it and made several really good letters. She hasn’t had much interest in trying to learn to write and doesn’t have the patience for coloring usually, but this past week she’s shown improvement in both areas. I’m really happy for her, because I know how much it will help her in the future! I’m hoping to have a little school time with her this fall while Squeaky has kindergarten.

And lest you think that all is normalcy and boring-ness in our home:

Say Goodbye to the Thumb

I can’t remember if we told you about how Squeaky stopped sucking her fingers. We felt that it was getting ridiculous seeing this 4 year old walking around with her fingers in her mouth, so we launched a full assault against the finger sucking. We let her get a sticker for each day she didn’t suck her fingers, and we painted nasty tasting stuff on them at quiet time and nap time. It only took a few days and she was done. We took her to the dollar store and she picked out a toy as a reward.

Well, a couple of weeks ago we did the same thing with Button. She was a thumb sucker. We painted the nasty stuff on there and really praised her when she didn’t suck her thumb. I’m not sure if we did the stickers or not. It only took her a few days too and she no longer sucks her thumb. Anyway, last Thursday we took her to the dollar store for her hard-earned reward. She was so excited. It was really cute seeing her bounce alongside her daddy, holding his hand and chattering away about what she was going to pick out. She came home with a little painting kit with three pigs in it. She had a lot of fun with that and now has pink, orange and red piggies.

Now for Winnie who still sucks her thumb…

From the Button Chronicles…

B: I want to do something fun, Mommy. I want to do something fun.

M: Ok, why don’t you go do something then?

B: But I want to do something fun! (repeated 5 times)

M: You know what, I want to do something fun too, but instead I’m making supper. Why don’t you go and play? You can be a kid!

B: But that’s not fun! I want to do something fun!!!