Getting Married

Imagine that you are an 18 year old girl and you met the love of your life at a New Years party. You decide to get married and meet with your families to pick a date. You decide on a Wednesday, April 12. This is a good time for everyone involved and since a bunch of family and friends will already be in town for another wedding two days before, why not? You send out word for people to come.
Everyone asks you if there will be a party the night before. You’re not sure, but you keep telling everyone that the event is on Wednesday morning and will only be very simple. You don’t want to get their hopes up, although you know they’d love to party if you have one.
The day before your wedding things are starting to get so exciting around your home. A huge group of people come and help set up a temporary shelter and seating area outside your home in your garden. The ceremony will take place across the street at the local church, but the reception will be at home. Your family hosts a lunch for the group of workers, rice with main dishes of bat and squash.
You still aren’t sure if there will be a party or not, but word has it that your two live pigs and cases of beer you’ve ordered are on the way from town. The pigs and beer finally do arrive, so your family quickly decides it’s time to set up the loudspeaker system and get this party started. It’s 11pm, but who cares! Everybody loves a good party and if they don’t want to crawl back out of bed to come that’s okay, they can just listen from their homes. Someone makes sure to turn up the loudspeakers and keyboard so that no one feels left out, and the party begins!

You decide that sleep isn’t as important as this. Everybody stays all night and at 6:30am they are still going strong. It’s going to be a good day. Ceremony is at 10am so at some point you drag yourself away from the people who are still singing into the mic and start getting ready.  You’re getting married today!!


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