Life as an MK- observations by Squeaky, age 10

I love being a missionary kid.  You get to do tons of cool stuff that normal kids don’t often get to do.  You get to meet lots of friends from all over the world, are you’re more excited to meet an old friend because you don’t get to see him/her very often.  Also, when you live in a remote province then you are more excited to visit the city.

But sometimes you get sad when you think about your friends and relatives back in your home country.  And when people ask you, “Where do you live?” or, “Where are you from?” you have to think about it.  Here are the troubles and differences about each question:

1.  Where do you live?

If you lived in a remote province, that’s what you’d say.  Because it’s true.  But if you think about it, you feel like your true, true, true home is in the place you lived before.  Because it’s true.  That is your home country.  That is your home country.  Your home.  But where you live is the province, so you that’s what you say.

2.  Where are you from?

You would say, “I’m from Canada,” or “I’m from USA,” or whatever country you’re from.  Because, that’s where you’re from.  Now, if you were in your home country, and people asked you where you’re from you would say, “I’m from Toronto,” or “I’m from Chicago” or whatever your town or city you’re from.

If they lived in your home town or city, you would say, “I’m from Birchstreet” or “I’m from Lilypad Lane,” or whatever street you’re from.  That’s what you’d say if they asked, “Where do you live?”, too.

So that’s the difference between the questions.

It may be hard and it requires a lot, and I mean a lot of patience with the kids around you.

But being a missionary is FUN!!!!!


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