Presenting… the last 7 months in a nutshell.

Since my last post…

This new little guy (let’s call him the Bear) was born on October 31, 2013…

…and has grown into a chubby, smiley 4 month old boy!

We enjoyed this crowded, city view for 4 months…

…and have now exchanged it for a more rustic one.

In January we finally moved in to our little house in the village, tucked away in a remote corner of the world.

We’re excited to look back and see how God has led us to this point, and look ahead confidently as we know He goes before us too!  We hope to share some of our adventures in our new home and community with you soon.


4 thoughts on “Presenting… the last 7 months in a nutshell.

  1. Your blog has truly been a delight to read; thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences with us! I have lived in several countries before and whenever I hear foreigners wanting to visit the Philippines, expecting to live in luxury, they are often surprised at how different it is compared to its portrayal in the media. I currently live in Makati, one of the richest areas in the Philippines. When I leave my village or go to Greenbelt, I would see BMWs EVERYWHERE and sometimes Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Having lived in Manila for five years made me realize that my lifestyle and my “taste” are changing by me demanding more of my parents (I was once angry when my mother bought me the wrong Louis Vuitton bag that I wanted and the other time when she accidentally bought me the same iPhone model). The vast difference between the rich and the poor in the Philippines can be predominantly seen in Manila and I am glad to be going back to California in a month for college, where everything is more “normal and realistic”. As a whole, having read through your blog, you are living the true yet simple “Filipino life” that many foreigners claim to have, but don't. From trekking the indigenous mountains to eating the dried fish, they are definitely worth an applause. Despite me being a Filipino by blood (however American by nationality), I have never tried many of your experiences due to my pretentious mother, but I was truly entertained throughout your stunning blog that sated my curiosity for them. I hope you have a wonderful stay in the Philippines and have a great day!



  2. Hi Camille, thanks so much for stopping by, for taking the time to read my blog and for your lovely comments! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. We have learned to love the Philippines and its people, with all its diversity. Makati is truly a beautiful place. 🙂 We enjoy visiting there because it makes us think of home in the open spaces, the greenery, and the fresher air. 🙂 I'd encourage you to travel the country sometime and enjoy some of its simplicity, as well as see how your fellow Filipinos live their lives. 🙂 I hope you enjoy your time in California!


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