D is for… two of my favorite people.

Dennis, of course!!! 

This guy is my best friend.  We were married 10 years ago on October 6, 2012 and the past 10 years have been amazing.  We’ve learned a lot together, he and I, and have gone through a lot together.  There is no possible way to easily sum up what I think of him… but that I love him and thank God for bringing us together.

D is also for Dad.

April is a bittersweet month for me.  Almost exactly 4 years ago I was flying down to say goodbye to my Dad.  On April 6, 2008 he went to be with Jesus after seven years of debilitating illness.  We were so happy for him to be free of his frail body but saying goodbye is indescribably difficult.
My dad was
– a lover of God,
– a lover of his wife and family,
– a lover of nature; never failing to point out the intricate beauties all around us.
So thankful for these two amazing men!

7 thoughts on “D is for… two of my favorite people.

  1. I'm sorry for your loss but don't let that hold you down! The story of your dad reminds me of how little time we really have in this world before we even know it.

    Don't be sad that such a man died, but be thankful that such a man lived. Think of it this way; you have your husband, kids, friends and family. I really don't think your dad will be pleased if you're sad that he's no longer here.

    Although I am no longer a practising Christian I have read the bible when I was little and one part always stuck out like a sore thumb to me. Read up half of Psalms 23:4, I never read the other half because I always take that in two contexts (don't ask).


  2. It's amazing to find a life partner. David and I will be 20 years this year and I can honestly say that without him I would not be here today, he held me through some very rough times.


  3. Good morning, Valerie…
    This is such good post on “D”. Both are “dears”, and being the widow of one, I shed a few tears, but I look forward to that blessed reunion and the hope that we have in our Lord Jesus Christ. He arose from the dead, and so shall we! Love you, my dear. Holding your family close in prayer. 🙂


  4. Dennis is a good guy I always said ….:) Ask him!… and your Mom misses your Dad so much!It must be hard to be a widow!
    Thanks to the Lord who gave them to us even for a while …and eternity will be unending!
    But until then .. with joy I'll carry on!
    Love to all
    Mom E.


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