Monumental Event for 2011

This is the only picture I’ve taken on our camera so far this year. Squeaky got this little game from her grandma for Christmas. It is the little triangle game you see at Cracker Barrel where you jump the pegs and see how many you are left with at the end. She spent an entire day playing with it this week and whittled her score down to only two pegs left. As you can see, she was over the moon.
Yes, that is the most exciting thing I have to report about 2011 so far. 🙂 Our life has sort-of ground to a halt due to a bout with dengue fever. Dennis came down with a headache, fever, nausea, flushed face and difficulty breathing on New Year’s Eve and is still sick in bed more than a week later. The rest of us have been battling a nasty cold so this last week was pretty much a write-off for all of us. The girls recovered more quickly than the rest of us and are ready to go- but sadly their parents aren’t.
I’m so glad this illness happened before school started up again. It made things a lot easier knowing that we were able to take the time we needed to recover. We have one week left of our Christmas break and I’m really hoping to be able to do something fun before plunging back into the language studies on the 17th!

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