The Festivites Begin

It is that time of year, and all sorts of fun things are happening as we gear up for Christmas! Tonight the girls were extensively playing “Mary and the baby Jesus” complete with imaginary hay, gifts of gold, frankensense (sp?) and myrrh, and blankets tied over their heads for shawls. It didn’t seem to bother them that they were all Mary with only one baby.

Grandma VE arrived yesterday! Today the girls showered her with attention (maybe more than she could handle?) and hugs. She brought some craft materials with her so the girls worked on those for awhile. Then this afternoon we did some last minute shopping.

Our town had a Christmas parade the first weekend in December. The girls had lots of fun and collected a LOT of candy. I guess people can’t pass up the three of them sitting on the curb. It made their day and fortunately we are still working our way through that basket.

If this was one of my only gifts for Christmas, I’d be pretty happy.

Merry Christmas!

6 thoughts on “The Festivites Begin

  1. That is a LOT of candy!! Looks like MOm is in her element. She is always so good and getting kids to do little projects- things that I wouldn't think of or have time to do!! I am glad she can be with you and experience a Canadian Christmas. Have fun!!


  2. That's a sweet picture. The little ones are so fun. It's nice that your mom can be there with you. You must be thrilled. Dave' mom has been staying with us for about a week now as we were thinking the baby would have already appeared on the scene so she is probably ready to go home and take a vacation!! It sounds like she's had a lot of shall we say “interesting” things happen while we were gone.. scissors and feather duvets don't mix apparently!! 🙂 sigh.. Wishing you guys a very merry christmas. So glad we had that visit again.


  3. So great to be with you and all the family. What a special delight. I love your winter wonderland. I so appreciate you all and your parents, Dennis. You have made my Christmas very special so far. Love you.


  4. Is Button sleeping in a plastic bag? That's funny! Do you remember watching the parade together last year or the year before? Fun times! Winnie was wee little!
    Merry Christmas you guys!


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